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Transfer categories/payees

At the moment if you enter a transfer, the payee and category is left blank.  It is possible to type a description, but I don't use this field normally. 

Is it possible for the category field to show 'Transfer > (account name)', or add the account name of the other account to the payee field, rather than leave these blank?

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If you don't use the Description field then I see how blank Payee or Category fields might be an issue indeed. I've noted your feature request and I will leave this ticket open for other users to vote on it to indicate its popularity. At the moment, I cannot promise any changes to this behaviour but we'll keep an eye open on the number of votes here.

Thank you!

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Yes, please. Add me to this idea. In iOS the situation is a bit more problematic since you have to make three taps to view the account with which the transfer was made.. (Clicking and seeing the first details after expanding the row doesn't show it).. In my particular situation I make a lot of transfers for control purposes, and almost always don't have descriptions so I come up with a lot of "unnamed transactions" Since by definition transfers don't have payee, it would make perfect sense to autoshow payee as the account name. Maybe show it with brackets.. [[Account]] or >.. Thanks for the great work!

Hello again,

We are currently investigating how we can fix it for the Mac's spreadsheet-like expert view and we've came up with the idea to modify the Account column (if it's not visible, right-click on the column headers to show the contextual menu and then make sure that Account column is selected). Currently it just shows the account but we might be able to make it so that for Transfer transactions, it'd show "From account : To account" or something similar.

Would this be a sufficient fix for Mac's spreadsheet-like Expert view?

It would be better than the current situation, of course. But currently I don't use the Account column in the Expert view as indeed it doesn't show anything else than the name of the account (which I don't need in a single Account view).

I would definitely vote for the ability to assign a Category - Transfer : NameOfAccount. This would make it easier for other operations, such as searching, sorting, reports, etc.



Yes, I agree also in the payee field should apear the account where or wherefrom money is transfered. I did some separate accounts for some special payees

I too would like the ability of showing a category on transfers. This will help with budgeting. Income arrives in my current account and then transfers are made into other accounts for savings/debt repayments etc. To set a budget for an amount saved or amounts transferred off debt needs a category assigning to it before a new budget can be created.
Having the ability to categorise transfers would be helpful. I cant budget for them as easily without this feature.

+1. I also would love the ability to categorise transfers. Actually this is my current show-stopper form migrating from HomeBank to MoneyWiz and paying money for this otherwise great app. Without this feature, one of my main reasons to use a money tracking app is gone. (how much money per category is booked on which account, including categorised transfers between accounts?) 

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