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Balance of transactions filtered (by search or filter)

I've been fiddling with Moneywiz for some days.. Making the switch.. I've found workarounds or "different ways" for arriving to the same data I need to take decisions, based on topics I've found and the experimentation part of it.

I've como across a situation which just CAN'T be solved.  The only way I've found to do this is by exporting to CSV and analyzing the data (which obviously is a pain hehe).  The feature is:

Show the user the sum of all LINES shown in the screen (including transfers!)..

Reports conceptually could work only that:

* They don't take as a possibility a search (this could be fixed later by the inclusion of tags)

* They don't include transfers

I have some special kind of expenses which include some borrowing to other people - which is money sent from Account A to Account B, an later returned by small amounts to the original account, so I want to know how much money has been received on Account A.  There's just no way to do that now.

I think this could be a "Filter Balance" if decided to be shown on the transaction list.  This could appear on top of the "Balance" line when there's a filter or a search made.

Or it could be a new kind of option for reports?

Thanks a lot !

PS.  I'd may think it's a problem, since I have to do a lot of manual work to get my info, but I recognize it's actually my situation, so I'm categorizing it as feature request..

 Hi Jose,

This can be achieved without exporting to CSV. The thing you probably noticed, is that transfers indeed are not included when generating Trends report for ALL accounts. And this is normal behavior, because transfers would be nowhere included - nor in expense column nor in income, because it's not a true income or expense.

However....If you build a Trends report just for single account, transfers will be included there. For example if there is an incoming transfer, that for this particular account, that you generating a report for, it will be an income. The same is for outgoing transfers. For only this particular account the outgoing transfer will be considered as expense (in the expense column and on the graph). So what I suggest, is you build a report only for one account, for which you want to see the total sum. Generating a Trends report just for one account will show you how much were taken from this account (including expenses and transfers) and how much has come into it.

I hope this helps.
I see that as the root issue as well: can't select transfer as selection criteria. And also, since there isn't any catalog based information on transfers (only description and memo which are open fields), there's just no way to select them. (Wouldn't make sense in payee reports or in category reports since transfers don't have payee nor category) While the trends report doesn't work for my need since I don't want trends but totals, it does show me that transfers can be taken into account by selecting a single account. What I need, however, I hope will be doable when I can create a tag based report for one single account where I will select transactions based on a tag criteria; and transfers will get accounted for. Is that something I can expect?
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