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Budget Total Error

A few of my budgets show the wrong total. When I go and edit a transaction that was part of that total, it is sometimes corrected. As far as I can tell, it seems to sometimes take a debit transaction and for the purposes of the budget total, treat it as a credit. When I edit the transition, the total seems to be corrected.

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I'm uncertain to tell, what is the core of the issue in this situation. Could you please be so kind to tell us what is the version of MoneyWiz and on which device does this happen? On iOS you can check the version number by going to MoneyWiz > Settings > About & Help > Look at the number just below the last button (Online help).

On a Mac, go to MoneyWiz in the menu bar, at the top, and then select About MoneyWiz. You will see the version number just below the MoneyWiz logo.

Also it would be beneficial if you could capture a short video that would display the issue. You may send the captured video to so we could have a private converation there.

I look forward to your reply.


I have this issue as well. I use only one budget which monitors a number of categories across various accounts. Today I got a message that I had exceeded my budget after entering my very first transaction of the budget period. When I view the budget, I see the green bar is not "full" (as it shouldn't be) but there is also the following underneath: 

Budgeted 300.00

Used 713.31

Remaining 258.57

The remaining value is correct (the single transaction was for $41.43) but obviously the used value is wrong and I am not over budget. I don't want to be told I've exceeded my budget after every transaction when I haven't.

I have the same problem. After entering any transaction this month I exceeded the budget. Even the remaining total is not correct.

Budget: € 3.600,00

Used: € 356,06

Remaining: € 0,00

I use on the Mac MoneyWiz 2 Version: 2.0.7 Built 41

iPhone: MoneyWiz 2 Version 2.1

iPad: MoneyWiz 2 Version 2.1

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing! If you encounter this issue, please contact us directly at as we need to investigate each case separately.

Please also make sure that all devices are updated to 2.1 version.

I had this same issue and had several emails with support under ticket #10774 which has now been closed? The issue appears to stem when refunding to an account other than the original account. I tested this and it happens every time. A refund to the original account does not produce an error. iOS does not have this problem, it is only in the Android beta that this is seen


This issue is about iOS/Mac which should be solved now. If you experience this on the official release of MW2 Android, would you mind sending us a new ticket at so we can investigate?

Your previous ticket was about MW2 Android beta so this issue is most likely different.

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