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SyncBits not showing synchronised data across different devices on different OS

Hi, I have the purchased version on Android platform (Samsung Note 4) and the free version on IOS (iPad Air 2). I have been trying to set up my data so that I can use it regularly. However I seem to have three sets of data.. 1) locally on my Note 4 2) syncbits on Android 3) syncbits on iPad Air. And all three have some different data which I added on different occasions. My question is why is the data in my syncbits account (both have the same email address) not synchronised across IOS and android? Secondly when I log out of my syncbits a/c on android and log back in, the app says that I have some data locally and just gives me two option a) to leave it on the device or delete it but it doesn't offer to merge the data (which would be very useful). Does it mean I will have to type in my data again. Also, which is more reliable? Using syncbits a/c or using the local/offline mode? Coz I don't want to add my data in syncBits account only to realise that it is inconsistent or has issues and then waste time entering all that data manually. Please HELP!!!


Thank you for giving MoneyWiz a try. I'm sure we can sort it out but please do not remove or reinstall MoneyWiz from any device for now. Just leave those apps as they are.

First, let us clear up the confusion.

You've downloaded MoneyWiz 2 Free from the App Store. This is MoneyWiz 2. MoneyWiz 2 is not yet available for Android (we are hoping to release it very soon) and MoneyWiz 1 cannot sync with MoneyWiz 2. This is why your Android and iPad won't sync - for now (until we release MoneyWiz 2 for Android).

Please note that MoneyWiz 2 for Android will be a paid upgrade, separate purchase from MoneyWiz 1 therefore if you've purchased it within last 30 days, please contact us via e-mail at with your Google Play ID for a refund. You'll be able to use that money to purchase MoneyWiz 2 for Android once it's out if you'd like.


Now, let's move on to sorting the data out. Since MoneyWiz 2 for Android is coming, I'd suggest we put your complete database into MoneyWiz 2 for iPad. Can you please tell me which device (and in which state: while online or offline) contains your complete, current data?

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Hello, I have a problem like this, but with MoneyWiz 1 installed in a phone and a tablet with Android.
My phone is the main device, it has all my data, but when I install the app in another device (the tablet or another phone) some accounts doesn't have all the transactions and the total is different.
Could I force the sync of my data to SYNCbits?


Hello Gerardo, 

In that case I would recommend that we re-create your SYNCbits account. Best would be if you send us a private message to with the details you have listed here. 

Thank you.

Thank you for responding so quickly. Now.. I understood why I have three different sets of data. My responses are: 1) when is the Android version of Moneywiz2 going to be released and how much is it going to cost? (A tentative date will do) 2) I purchased MoneyWiz1 a couple of months back but didn't get around to using it much as I faced some issues (support ticket was raised) and lost my motivation. You could probably check the details on your system. Given this situation, can I get a free /discounted upgrade to the new version. 3) What will be the limitation of using MoneyWiz2 free version for a longer period of time? 4) I am still trying to get the hang of using the app, so I haven't entered all my data yet. I have just entered bits and pieces and ran into the problems mentioned earlier. So given this scenario, what would you suggest I enter my data in. a) MoneyWiz1 on Android phone (I use the phone more than the ipad fyi) b) MoneyWiz1 SYNCBITS a/c on my Android phone with the understanding that I will be seamlessly able to upgrade to MoneyWiz2 syncbits whenever it is released without LOSING MY DATA. c) I am leaving the ipad out of this just to keep it simple. I would ideally like to view or edit data from either device at a future date whenever the compatible versions are available. But right now my biggest concern is that I will have to enter 7 months worth of data manually which will take me days to do. I cannot afford to lose data after going thru the entire exercise!!! Hence the caution. 5) Is there any way to merge or export data which is saved locally on the phone to the syncbits (cloud) account? Sorry for throwing so many questions all at once in your direction but I am desperate to get my finances in order and I need to spend a LOT of time to manually sort and record it. So I just want to make sure I am doing the right things.


1. We cannot give even an estimate date just yet but we are getting very close now.

2. Unfortunately we are unable to provide individual discounts - this is how Google Play Store and Apple App Store work.

3. Once the 100 transactions limit is reached, you'll no longer be able to enter new transactions.

4. I think it'd be best that you enter your data in MoneyWiz 1 for Android with SYNCbits enabled. This way, you'll be able simply to sign in to your SYNCbits account once MW2 for Android is released.

5. Yes, you could export your local data as CSV (Settings -> Export), sign in to your SYNCbits account and import it from there :)

No worries about the questions, we are here to help! Please let me know if I've missed to answer any of your queries or you wanted to ask something else.

Hello Pawel, Thank you for your advice. I have done as you suggested (i.e. consolidating all my data in my Moneywiz 1 syncBits a/c) and all seems to be fine for now (Fingers crossed). I have also received another email from your company informing its customers about the MoneyWiz2 Android release date which is literally weeks away. Very happy about that. So I think my situation is under control for now. Just one request.. please can you guys add more relevant icons for categories. All the best with the release! Cheers, Chhanda