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Creation of an investment/brokerage account type


The current version of the program is beautiful to view and insightful to use.  I have two brokerage accounts, one of which is also a cash management account, which is basically a checking account linked to a brokerage account.

Because I rely heavily on these brokerage account for most of my banking in addition to my investments, I have been reluctant to purchase the program.

Do you have any immediate or future plans to support an investment/brokerage account?  Features that would be especially meaningful are: the recording of cash and debit transactions, stock buys/sells, various types of dividends, capital gains/loses, commission fees and taxes, industry/sector data, and the ability to enter reinvestment of dividends or mutual fund distributions.  Integrating investment data to the program's already brilliant charts and report, as well as perhaps adding a few graphs that monitor portfolio value, cost basis, capital appreciation, current asset allocation vs. target allocation, etc., would make MoneyWiz the most comprehensive financial app within the App Store (in my opinion!)!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post -- it's truly appreciated!

Warm regards,


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Hello Jason, 

Thank you for the detailed description. Indeed we do have plan to add Investment accounts. I cannot tell if all of the things you have outlined will be present and how it will work exactly. In all cases as the development goes we will have your points in consideration. 

We expect to begin working on the investment account by the end of this year, perhaps we might have them for Christmas if all goes very smooth. However, depending on the release for Android and Windows we may see some delays and then the soonest we could expect to have the Investment accounts done, would be the first quarter of 2016.

Hi there Asen,

Thank you very much for taking the time to prepare such a thoughtful response.  I am really excited to hear that investments are in the works!  Can't wait!  By far, this this is the highest quality financial management software available and you guys are really in-tune with your customers.

All the best to you guys!


I need the same investment account support.  Today, I am downloading from Fidelity into iBank. It is flawed, but it works well enough to keep track of the checks I write and transfers to/from other accounts.

Is there a way to download basic income (sells, dividends, interest) expense (buys, checks etc) numbers from Fidelity. I can wait for the stock values. Mostly I need the ability to track checks. Maybe there's another way.

Hello, as we are ending 3Q16, it seems that no progress was done on investment account....


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Hello again Antonio,

We've made a lot of progress on the investment account support - it just has not yet been released as an official update. We do not have a timeline for this just yet.

@Pawel : there may be divergences on what users expect and what the developers have in mind for the feature: in this case, one possible way to receive valuable feedback is to beta-test the feature. Why are you only considering this for major releases?

We've been waiting for this important feature nice version 1. I do want the capability, as I have been running in parallel with another product for about 2 years. Since we are getting close, I think we might want to be patient a little longer and let the developers do what they do best, develop the product.
@Paul: thank you for your understanding!

@Rafael: we run betas when we consider them necessary. We still might do a beta for investment accounts - we'll see. At the moment, I have no information regarding planned betas for investment account support.

Do we have an ETA on investment accounts? 


Investment accounts are coming in 2.6 update but we do not have an estimate for that release just yet.


First, forgive me for bad English.

I would like to know if the investment module managed the amount paid in the stock and the current values creating an average of profitability.

And it would also work with stock exchanges made in Brazil (ibovespa)?

PS: I do not know if you can understand my question :)



I think I understand the question but we're still working on the outline of the feature so I don't have features regarding this just yet :)


someone here was saying "at latest 1Q 2016"..... now we hear first half 2017.... you keep moving year after year.... maybe you should declare that the feature is not going to be available, that's all, so we can fix it otherwise....


The feature is coming very soon. Our team is already working on the interface for the account creation process.


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