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Unbudgeted Spending

Any chance you could consider having the budget view show spending that doesn't fall into a particular budget. Or put another way, show spending that wasn't budgeted for?

Presently, it looks like the only way to do this would be to create a one dollar budget, and then add every category not already in a budget to that budget. This is ridiculous. I'm honestly a little shocked that was overlooked or deemed unimportant. It honestly seems like it defeats the whole point of providing a budgeting feature. What good does it do to set up budgets if you can't see spending that wasn't budgeted for?

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Hi Joel, 

Here the idea is more clear to me. 

The Budgets in MoneyWiz track Categories. Any item that wasn't budgeted for, would still have a Category. Why not add that category to some existing budget? The other way is indeed to make a separate Budget that monitors categories that do not belong to any other Budget. 

I know this thread is almost a year old but would like to chime in. The problem is, if you log an expense and forget to enter a category, it is unaccounted for in your budget. It seems there should either be an option to give you a warning if an item is entered without a category or an option of creating a budget for uncategorized transactions category, as this is how they are categorized in reports if no category is chosen. The first suggestion given above by Asen does solve the problem if a category is chosen that is not budgeted, but it seems like if you are using the budget functionality then you should have to choose one of those categories and not allow for no category to be chosen. Also, the point of a budget is to account for every dollar and this app does not have an option of specifying your total budget, which assists in planning your budget. Currently I am using another budgeting app, which works great but have been using money wiz as my check register for the past year and would like to use it for both budget and check register in one.


Thank you for your feedback! MoneyWiz has little use if a transaction is without a category so forgetting to enter it would be an issue not only when it comes to budgets. One thing you could do is to use MoneyWiz 2's Transaction layout to put the Category field at the top (or near the top) of the transaction entry screen so that you always enter it.

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