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Annoying illegal subscription message

Hello! Could you please somehow fix this annoying notification. Image attached.
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Hi Georgy,

Is that the free or the paid version of MoneyWiz? If you are not sure - is the icon grey or white?

It is the paid one!
And do you have an active subscription, which hasn't expired? If yes did you make it in iOS or Mac?
I have no active subscriptions at all: neither on Mac , nor on iOS devices.

Then you probably had one in the past and kept the Online Banking account, hence the message... to fix this, go edit the Online Banking account and you will see a button at the bottom that says "Disconnect from Online Banking". Tap on it and that should fix it. You should do this for all accounts that at some point were connected to online banking and are not yet disconnected.

Iliya, to be honest, I think I know the corner stone of the problem. Once you published 2nd version of your app for Mac, I was captivated by your online banking feature and downloaded your app illegally from torrents. It was already cracked. And your feature was also cracked so it was possible to get connected to my bank account. But it was laggy enough on your first versions. I now only use versions for iPhone and iPad - paid ones. I purchased them bona fide). That's why I get this annoying notification. I am unable to switch it off. In that menu I have only "restore purchases" button.

Well, that's a new one :)

I appreciate the honesty though I don't appreciate people stealing from us. We pay for this online banking when somebody uses it...

What you are experiencing is the effect of using illegal copy of MoneyWiz. We have built in protection to monitor for that. It saves a chunk of data to your SYNCbits account that indicates it's illegal copy (even if you bought it after that, it was still used illegally at some point). Please e-mail us because solving this will require you to send over your SYNCbits credentials so we can remove the data that indicates it was downloaded illegally. Also please send a copy of your iTunes receipt of purchase. 

Of course! as soon as I get back from from holidays, I'll send you a purchase receipt of iOS versions. I don't use Mac version since that time. Thank you. I am against piracy.

Thanks, appreciated. We'll sort it out easily. Enjoy your holidays.