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Currency exchange rates for users in Asia, Mexico, Russia

Dear customers,

For those of you that are currently in Asia (the entire continent) you may have already noticed that the currency exchange rates are not available.

MoneyWiz (all versions) downloads exchange rates automatically using Yahoo Finance. However for the past several hours the service has been completely inaccessible for customers in Asia. This issue may result in wrong Net worth, wrong budget calculations and wrong reports. As soon as the service is restored, these calculations will correct themselves automatically, no update needed.

We have sent a request to ask for a time line when the issue will be resolved, but we have no answer yet. Additionally, we are constantly checking if the issue is resolved. We will post updates here in this thread as soon as new information arrives.

This is NOT an issue for all customers in Europe, the Americas, Africa or Australia.

A possible workaround

If you have access to a VPN network and can re-route your entire internet traffic through any country in Europe or the United States, the issue will be solved.

To test if the service has been restored on your own, you can try loading this URL in a web browser:

When the service works correctly, this downloads a CSV file containing the exchange rate between USD and EUR.

When the service doesn't work correctly, you will see an error 400 Bad Request.

Thank you Ilia, 

Is it possible to create such report in the next version or make the data available for a customized report into the WM?

Hi Alexandre,

We have a pretty set schedule for the next several months so I am afraid we can't do such report on short notice. The best way to get a feature done faster is to have a lot of people upvote for it in the Feature Requests forum. I apologize it's like that, but we have to prioritize what we do next, as we simply don't have the resources to do everything quickly.

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