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New Feature Requested

I have used Moneywiz 1 & 2 in the past and I would like to see the option of hiding reconciliated transactions added to the program. I've currently stopped using the app because i am simply tired of having to scroll through months of transactions. If you could just implement the option of having the "hide" from the screen once reconciled, that would make this app top notch in my opinion. I know Accounts 2 checkbook has the option and it's just something I feel would make things a little easier. 

Thanks for listening


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Hello Wade,

We are planning to introduce an option to hide reconciled transactions while in advanced reconcile mode but not in everyday Account register view. At least not yet.

We'll monitor this ticket for number of votes and discuss it internally.

What's the point of being able to reconcile of you can't then hide them? I may be locked into one way of working coming from MS Money, but then again MS Money gave you a work flow you could have copied. Have I missed this feature being added? I can't see it on my iPad (haven't looked on Windows). After a couple of weeks of Moneywiz I'm seriously tempted to go back to Money. Moneywiz is just too basic at the moment - it feels like a work in progress.

Thank you Rob. I've been asking for this for quite awhile. I was told it was eventually going to be added. I hate the fact that I have to scroll through reconciled transactions. Hopefully it will be added soon. 

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