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Keep track of transaction


I have the following need:

1. Sometime I have transaction that I enter but I have to review later. I put in description "***" and the search for it

2. When I have expanses that should be reimbursed by my office I put a description like "REMB"

3. I go in holiday, and I would like to track all the expanses in order to know at the end what did the vacation cost. So I put a description like "HL15"

I could also found the things I need, but I don't find a convenient mode to have a report with those (just to know for example I spent for holiday x for hotels, y for travel and so on). How could this be better managed?

Sandro Summa

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Hello Sandro,

I believe that your request could be accommodated by a Tags feature that we are actually already working on :) We hope to release it somewhat soon but not before MoneyWiz 2 for Windows PC is released.

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