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Scheduled Transactions don't appear as pending in account transaction list

Hello, I'm on Android MW2.

I've made a few scheduled/recurring transactions, and while they do auto-pay as expected, they don't show up in the account's transaction list as "pending". I can make individual future transactions appear as pending but not the repeating ones.

Is this expected behaviour?

I'd like to see my scheduled transactions as a pending item in the account transaction view too.
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Hello Magda,

We've designed MoneyWiz to keep your Scheduled transactions out of your view until they are paid. You can pay them early if you'd like and mark them as pending so they appear in your Account register but there is no way to make your Scheduled transactions appear in the Account register automatically before they are paid.

Scheduled transactions reside in Scheduled transactions area. Account register is for transactions that have been executed or posted.

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