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OFX import didn't get most payees

Hi. I'm trying to migrate my data from PocketMoney to MoneyWiz2 and I'm hitting some roadblocks. The latest is that import from a QFX (OFX) file isn't picking up most of the payee names. This transaction file has 14 transactions (a prepaid debit card I acquired and then spent down), and each of the transactions came over, but only two of the transactions (the initial one, from "Canon") and the next-to-last one ($7.48 to "Star Market") picked up the payee name. These were the only two names present in the "Import: Link Payees" dialog.

I've attached the transaction file here. Any thoughts on what's up? Not getting the payee names is a showstopper.


Hello Nathan,

Thank you for sending us the same file. We are currently investigating and will update you once we know more.


We've identified the issue and working on a fix. Sadly, it'll require a software update. The fix is scheduled for 2.2 update which we aim to release at the end of this month.

Sadly, there is no workaround that we are aware of. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused! We will fix it, we just need some time.

Further investigation revealed that it's most likely caused by the placement of CHECKSUM element in the file. If you remove all instances of <CHECKSUM>..., the file should import correctly.

I assume you mean <CHECKNUM>? Interesting. I can probably manage a bit of XML surgery on these files (there are about 7000 total transactions with <CHECKNUM> values).

What's the specific issue? My read of OFX is that <CHECKNUM> is allowed in a <STMTTRN></STMTTRN> aggregate.

(Or is it that the elements aren't being terminated? That seems pretty pervasive in this file, sadly, but I suppose I could take all of the STMTTRN fields and close the tag at the end of the line correctly.)


Yes, I've meant CHECKNUM, apologies :)

Our research indicates that CHECKNUM tag was used correctly in the file so it seems to be a bug in the import library we are using. We do not have further information just yet but we are working on it (although it might take us some time so if you are able to modify the file, please go ahead. Let me know if you need help with it).

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