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Feedback request: Changing the placement of currency signs

Hello everyone,

One of the feature requests we receive is to change the placement of the currency signs. For example, currently we display an amount in US Dollars as "5.00 $" - this is incorrect and we should display it as "$5.00". We are working on an update that will address this and we'd like to hear your feedback on it (please note that it does not apply to showing currency codes - those are always displayed at the end of the amount ("5.00 USD")).

The rule we are implementing is as follows: if the currency sign has 1 character, we display it before the amount. If the code has more than 1 character, we display it after the amount (like now). Please review the following screenshot for an overview of the changes:

Notice how the position of $, £ and € changed after the update but the signs for Polish Zloty and Danish Krone did not change because their currency signs are longer than 1 character.

This update involves another important change. Some countries, such as Canada for example, use Canadian Dollars (CAD) but the symbol they use is $ - just like US Dollars, Australian Dollars, etc. Up until now, we displayed those currency signs as C$ for Canadian Dollar, A$ for Australian Dollar and so on.

We are changing this so that all dollar-based currencies display only the dollar sign now from now on. Otherwise, this update would not benefit the residents of those countries ("C$" is longer than 1 character, therefore according to our rule it would be placed behind the amount).

Most customers probably won't mind this change but those that have accounts in multiple currencies might - hence our request for feedback before the update rolls out. Please review the screenshot below for a possible scenario:

Notice how if you have accounts in currencies like US, Canadian and Australian dollars, it is not easy to distinguish between them if you have set MoneyWiz to display currency signs instead of currency codes.

If you can distinguish them by the account icons or account names, this probably won't be an issue. Alternatively you can set MoneyWiz to display currency codes instead of currency signs.

The questions we have for you are:

  1. Would you be excited to see this feature in MoneyWiz?
  2. Do you have accounts in "different dollars" such as US and Canadian? Would you be OK with the possible limitation explained above?

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Despite rules and fancy positioning, usability is THE rule. Symbol after number is easier to read, easier to use. Less crap for the brain to process and filter out to get the real important information that is: how much?

my 2 cents

Hi Felipe, It is accepted that for most currencies the currency sign is displayed before the amount. MoneyWiz takes into account what is the accepted positioning for each currency and applies it. For example if you have $ then it goes in front of the amount. If you have лв. for example, it goes behind the amount. These are the rules that everyone follows in the respective countries so MoneyWiz just complies with that. If you absolutely want the currency to be shown after the amount just turn off currency sign so that MoneyWiz uses currency code instead. Then it will always show it behind the amount.

Hi, I have been complaining for a long time already regarding the placement of UAE currency sign on Android version. Before recent update, I used to have this sign in the front of account totals, but it was placed after the amount in the group total amount. Now everywhere the sign is in front of the amount. According to your rule, UAE currency sign, which has to symbols, is supposed to be after the amount.

Today I bought the windows version of the app, and found out that there it is placed currectly, namely, after the amount. So when you will make it same on Android?

Hi, It seems we made one fix related to that for AED, but not for UAE... I just logged this so that the dev team addresses the issue for UAE as well.
AED is currency code of UAE dirham, so I didn't get when you said that you made a fix for AED, but not UAE. What does that mean?...
Let me pass this to the team to see what is happening... I will update you once I hear from them.
Hi, It seems we've fixed this in update 2.3.6. The current version is 2.3.7. Please make sure you've updated to it. Attached is a screenshot made just now to show that it's been fixed.
(82.7 KB)
This is exactly what I am complaining about. You put the symbol on the left side of the amount, while you rule is to put it after, since it has two symbols. Windows version has this placement the way it is supposed to be
Noted to the dev team...will update you when I hear from them.

The error was indeed on our end. Apologies. Fix is coming later today in update 2.3.8.

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