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Edit one or more occurrences of a transaction series


There is one feature missing which is preventing me from cutting over to MoneyWiz completely (I've raised this before and was hoping to see it in MoneyWiz 2) - I really need to be able to edit one or more occurrences of a repeating transaction and to then be able to forecast this revised amount in the forward forecast.

For example, I have a recurring (forever) transaction which is actually only payable for 10 months out of every 12. The way I handle this in MS Money is to, at the start of each year, make the last two payments '0' which then gives me an accurate forecast for the coming 12 months.

Alternatives to this seem to be to:

1. Set up the transaction for 10 months only, but you then have to remember to set up the next years transaction so it appears in the forecast.

2. Set up a continuous repeat transaction and skip the 2 which are of 0 value, the problem with this is that the forecast is inaccurate.

Hope this makes sense - is it possible add this feature, or should I use a different method in MoneyWiz?

Thanks, Mike.

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for sharing this with us! The idea makes sense and your workarounds are exactly what I'd have suggested for you to use :)

It is an interesting feature indeed! I'll leave this ticket open to see how many votes it gets and we'll discuss this internally as well.

Yes, this is needed!

I agree that this is an important feature. Already seen this in other threads and definitely vote for this. I use it mainly for cashflow forecast shaping.


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