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Should the hamburguer menu die in MoneyWiz?

A few articles expressed how I always felted about navigation based on hamburguer menus (that 3 horizontal lines on top left edge).

How customers and developers face this concept applied on our beloved MoneyWiz?

Hi Filipe,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Actually we're experimenting with that for the update we're currently working on (2.2). 

While the articles make some good points, they also fail to make some other points, so getting rid of the menu is not such a trivial task. Let me give a few examples:

1. The TC article speaks of how inconvenient it is to reach the might be so, but in MoneyWiz we allow you to just swipe the screen to open it, you don't really need to tap the icon.

2. Look at the Facebook Ads app...they provided an interesting solution to navigation and we're considering something similar as well.

3. While companies such as FB, Twitter and Skype can afford to angry their customers with large UI changes, we need to be more careful. We don't operate with billions of dollars, and we DO have competition... FB,Twitter - these guys have no competition. Even if they angry their customers, their customers don't have much of a choice anyways. As an example I can tell you that every time we've made some not-so-small UI changes, we've received tons of emails from angry customers who just find it hard to the same time we receive tons of emails from customers who love the changes too. That process while it may be good in the long term creates a huge challenge for us, as changing the UI has historically proven to cause a short term retention fall and churn rise, which for a company of our size does matter.

4. There's the consistency issue - some of the mentioned apps don't have a Mac app...we do. We are available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and soon for Windows. People love the consistency across platforms...they start with MoneyWiz on iPhone, then they go to the Mac and it is already familiar. They already know how to use it. Such a huge change on the iPhone will make that multi-platform learning curve a lot longer for some of our customers which means - lower retention, higher churn. No business wants that.

I can speak much on the subject, but I just wanted to highlight a few considerations that these articles do not take into account...mostly because the people talking, have no real life software development experience. They don't really understand what it means to run a software business, they just write about it as if they did. And that unfortunately creates a gap between journalists and the people who actually make the software, which in the other hand creates unrealistic expectations in some customers.

Anyways, as I said - we're experimenting with this and we may soon post a blogpost article to ask our customers for opinion. But if the majority of the people who give us their opinion don't like it, I am afraid we'll have to stick to the hamburger menu way at least until MoneyWiz 3.... as a rule of thumb, people are more accepting of UI changes when they are served in a major update. 

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Thanks for such honest response.

I'm happy that you are already thinking about it. 

I myself experienced the change in twitter and FB apps and loved when they switched to bottom tabs navigation. Can say for sure that today's hamburguer menu on MW bother's me significantly and a I'm hoping that tab navigation will be available soon.

I installed Facebook Ads app and that navigation style seens to work well on MW paradigm. You can change between major sections (Account, Budget, Schedule and Report) on a bottom tab and switch current displayed Account or Budget with that kind of combo box on the top.

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