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Default input field changes to memos

Hi, I came across an issue when you enter a memo for a transaction, and after that when the next transaction is entered the default input field goes to memos, not the amount of the transaction. This is disturbing. I am talking about MoneyWiz for Android, the latest version.

Please send us a screen shot of your Transactions Layout settings (MoneyWiz Settings -> Transactions Layout), so we could see how it's set up. If you don't know how to take screenshots on Android yet, please check these links for step-by-step instructions. When making a screen shot on Android please don't forget to turn off PIN protection in MoneyWiz before taking a screen, otherwise you will get a DRM protection error.


 Thanks we have reproduced the issue and forwarded it to our QA and development teams.

Hi. I didn't use android app for a while, but today after updating to the latest version, I still find the above said issue unresolved. I mentioned about it 3 months ago!

Is there any development going on for Android app?

Hi Erzat,

Please don't think that we forgot about the issue. We know about it, and the fix is planned for MoneyWiz 2.2 version.


Hi, now it's already version 2.3 but this issue is still there
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