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Cross platform interface inconsistencies

Hi, I switched from iOS to Android and found out that there differences in Android version of your app. For example: - there is no swype an account to enter a transaction on Android - there is no swype down to complete a transaction - the number pad layout is different ( calculator numbet pad is preferreble if you happen to change it) - there is no swype to delete a transaction. Becasue of these, the Android version seems like a truncated version of the iOS app. A good thing would be to add a widget to be able to quickly record a transaction for Android version.

I could also add that there in iOS version you can look for a particular transaction by entering an amount in the search field. Android version doesn't have this :-(

There is also no swipe a budget to enter a transaction in Android.

Hello there,

We are going to bring the two platforms consistent, we just ran out of time to port all features on day one. Apologies!

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The account screen on Android is also not organised well. Just have a look on this screen on iOS, where the account balances are right below the account names, and they are aligned the same way the account names are aligned. 

However, on android version, the account balances are aligned weirdly. The aesthetics are destroyed because of this disbalance



Android version

Erzat what you report is so because of how native Android OS works with your localization. For me for example, it's just like it is on iOS.

I will still report it to the dev team though.

I had the same localization on iPhone, however, it was not like this there.

Yes, this is because on iPhone this label is explicitly set to be left aligned, while on Android the developers set it Default which in all non-arabic localizations is left aligned but for arabic it's right aligned. As I said, this is now logged to the Android dev team for a fix so that it's statically left aligned on Android as well.

Sorry, but I am not getting you well here. Altough I live in UAE, my localizations are set to english. Only the time zone is set to gulf standard time. So where does the app get the info about my localization?


It should be from Settings / Language & Region. 

This my settings screen, there is nothing set to Arabic localization. And there is no more screen in the settings except time zone settings

Strange indeed...and you didn't set anywhere to have texts and other UI elements to be in reverse order?

Anyways, as I said - we will have this fixed in the near future, so whatever is causing it, once we force left align this field, it will stop causing it.

No, I dont have that kind of settings. Looking forward to seeing new uodates

No problem. Have in mind that since we're behind schedule with the 2.0.11 update (we'll release it this week sometime, but it had to go last Friday), this fix will come in the update after that.

Hi. Today we updated to 2.1.1, but still this issue is not solved completely.

Here are the screenshots.

The first picture is with "Show currency sign instead of currency code" checked and the second one with it being unchecked.

The numbers should  be aligned on the left side as in the second picture. But they are on the left for account balances and on the right for folder balances. Strange


I also mentioned that android app doesn't have many of iOS features like swype down to enter and swype to delete or edit. Are you going to introduce any of those?

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