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Auto write my transactions

I want to write my transaction automatically. for example, Copy my message about transaction and Paste in lauch center pro or drafts and so on. and then input information automatically. Now Moneywiz offer just url which is "moneywiz:// to launch the app moneywiz://expense to launch expense dialog moneywiz://income to launch including dialog" I want Moneywiz to offer a lot of url. We all input our transactions automatically. below is example about my message. ... [Web발신] [체크.승인] 1,750원 기업BC(4*2*)이*수님 09/26 15:22 통장잔액3,213,650원 (주)코리아세븐 I want to input automatically in 1,750 / 09.26 / 15:22 / (주)코리아세븐(payee)
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Hello there,

We are considering working on something like this for a future update but at the moment we cannot say when this would be available.

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