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Monthly e-mail report

It would be pretty nice to have reports (month statistics, category expenses, etc.) delivered on e-mail address connected to Syncbits at the end of each month. Do you have plans on implementing something like that?

Best regards,


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Dear Franko,

This would require us to keep your data in an unencrypted form. Your data is currently encrypted when it's on our servers therefore we cannot read it or operate on it without your password.

Keeping your data secure is very important for us therefore any feature that would require us to lower our security measures is not something we'd like to do. I'll keep this idea open to see how many votes it gets and perhaps we can develop an alternative approach to this idea but at the moment it's not something we're working on.

I think a different way to achieve this would be use a third party tool that resides on your phone (like IFTTT ). It would require 2 things to happen 1) money wiz to expose (via API) some features like ability to expose reports (the period would have to be preset). I believe some functions are already available to third parties 2) the third party tool to run and extract the report and then email Unfortunately I'm not a programer so not sure how easy this is
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