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Change the way transfers are displayed

Sometimes it's difficult to tell if a transaction is an income/expense or really a transfer between accounts. It could be color-coded differently, or when you tap the transaction, it could show "Transfer: Checking --> Savings". 

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Thank you for your feature request! I've noted it down and we'll discuss it internally.

Plus one for me on this one.  

I have a whole bunch of Transfers from a PayPal account to a Credit Card account (each item is charged by PayPal to the card) and at the moment, each transaction in both the PayPal register and the CC register just say "Credit Card" and a date. There is nothing to show where the transfer is going to/from, so can get very confusing.

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Would love to see transfers coded differently too.

To all who contributed into this topic. Please note, that in case you are referring to transactions downloaded from Online Banking, at the moment our online banking providers download them as expenses in one account and income in another account. In future updates (we have no ETA for this yet though) we are considering to convert such transactions as transfers by ourselves.

However in case you are referring to transfers entered manually, you already can see which account it was made from and which account it went to.

In the following example I transferred 50.00 from my checking account to my Credit Card account. If I go to Checking account, I can see where this transfer went to:


And if I go to Credit Account, I can see where this transfer came from:


To make this work, make sure not to change the default Description when creating a Transfer transaction, otherwise this won't work.


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