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Feature request: Set date and time as "Right Now" when processing a manual transaction

I don't always pay my bills at their scheduled time/date as they appear in MoneyWiz, sometimes I might pay them a few days earlier or later. Instead of manually adjusting the time and date, it'd be handy to be able to just click a button that sets the date and time to what it is right now (like if I create a new transaction).

Any thoughts? Doable?

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I also think that the transaction should be recorded by its actual date and time

@Erzat: we've been discussing whether we should post it using the today's date by default and our research indicated that more users are in favour of the current setup.

However, I've noted the idea of a "now" button and we'll discuss it internally!

Definitely needs an option for a current setup too. I have transactions that happen at a random time during the night between when I go to bed and when I wake up (wages and automated debits), I normally just set these ones to happen at midnight
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