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The best way to mange credit card account with no interest or fees

Hello all, 

I have a question about the credit card account, and i would like to share with all, maybe I can find a way to manage my credit cards account with few transactions without doubling the expanses or do unnecessary transactions.

so first step is to create a credit card account and but the limit and the balance, lets say the limit is 1500$ and the starting balance is 0.

let say this card have due date on the first day of each month, and closing cycle on the 8th of each month.

now the problem i face is: 

who to create an expanse and make it auto payed on the first of each month without double it?

i prefer to do something that will make the Moneywiz calculate this each month an make it as paying my credit card bill form my Checking account, but this way i´ll have double expenses, one on the card for each expanse i do during the month, and another expanse on the total bill for the card.

please someone help me doing this correctly 


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