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Budget by category or by sub-category

 Make the choice to budget by category or sub-category.
Then make sure that the budgets from the lowest level are automatically added to the higher level.
sub-category "barber" EUR 50, -
sub-category "drugstore" EUR 40, -
Category "Personal Care" EUR 90, - automatically calculated
Grand total EUR 90, - automatically calculated

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Feature request noted, thanks! :)

I've seen this request in a few other forum posts.  Functional budgets need to be hierarchical, with primary categories and sub-categories.  For instance:

Category: Auto

Sub1: Loan

Sub2: Fuel

Sub3: Insurance

Sub4: Regular Maintenance and Supplies

Sub5: License and Registration

Sub6: Repairs

Sub7: Tires

Sub8: Tools and Accessories

Each sub-category should have its own funding level assigned, with all the sub-category totals rolling up into the primary category (a grand total), with both projected and actual amounts spent tracked.  Hope to see something like this in future releases!

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