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Archiving old budgets


I've been using the Moneywiz app for quite a while now and there are so many "one-time" budgets in my list. The really get in the way. And since I can't delete them, because the transactions will be lost, the are stacking up in my list of budgets. 

I think it would be great if you added an option to archive budgets, hide them from the general list and, at request, bring them back. Something like you did with the accounts (folders). Only a single "archive" list for budgets would be great.


Hello Pavel,

Please note that deleting a budget will not delete the transactions stored within :) So you can safely delete those budgets. Also remember that budgets can be re-created at any time, even for past periods.

If you need to access your spending information for the periods that those budgets cover, after those budgets are deleted, you can generate a Categories report for selected categories, accounts and period.

Thank you for your comment, Pawel.

I guess, I faced this issue a while back and ever since stopped deleting budgets. If it's safe to do so without loosing the transactions, the feature request is irrelevant. 

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