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Budget Envelope

I'd like to be able to group budgets together. I have budgeted amounts for some specific categories but I also have a total monthly budget that is slightly padded. This total monthly budget includes all my categories including those with a specific budgeted amount already. L This results in an inflated total Budgeted amount in the Budgets section.

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We'll keep your feature request open to see how many votes it gets and we'll see what we can do! :) I cannot promise anything as of now just yet.

Hi! A am new to the app. So far I find it very easy to use -I love fast entries, being able to easily select the order and data I want to see, etc... I really want to congratulate you on your work! It is very neat and "clean". However, one HUGE disadvantage I find (compared to HomeBudget, which I´ve been using the last year and hated it´s data entry format and iXplenslet, which I also hated because of it´s data entry) is the inability to groupe budgets. Being used to that format, I can tell you it helps you "put your mind" in order and keep your financiances on a daily bases on a better shape. I hope you seriously consider adding this format, as I believe your app is simply great and it is the only mayor problem I found.

Thanks, Agustina

Thank you Agustina for your feedback! We read all comments and discuss them internally :)

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