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Syncing problem between android devices + scrolling close

Dear Moneywiz,

Yesterday I discovered that moneywiz doesn't sync all of the transactions between my wife's phone and mine. We use moneywiz 2, and I have no idea what is the problem. Can you help?

And other request: please make an option to disable the transaction layout closing when scrolling down, it is a really annoying feature, it is much convenient for me to save the transaction with the button on the top right corner. Maybe it is a compatibility problem with Honor 7, but if I scroll a little accidentally, the transaction layout closes immediately.

Thank you,

Gergely Arany

Dear Arany,

I've noted your comment regarding the transaction creation, thank you!

As for the sync - can you please tell me on which devices do you use MoneyWiz on in total and what is the version number on each?

On the iPad, iPhone and Android you can check the version number of MoneyWiz by going to Settings > About & Help > Look at the number just below the last button (Online help). On a Mac, go to MoneyWiz in the menu bar, at the top, and then select About MoneyWiz. You will see the version number just below the MoneyWiz logo.

Which device contains complete and correct data?

Do you use multiple currencies? If so moneywiz can't handle them. And forget their requests for which device holds the correct data as it will get you nowhere, moneywiz can't sync very well.
Hi Dave,

If you have any sync issues with MoneyWiz, please contact us at We will be glad to help you.
P.S. And MoneyWiz handles multiple currencies just fine.
I did, and you could not help me, in fact, you keep saying there is not a problem with the calculating of foreign currencies? When obviously there is.

Hi Dave,

In this topic my colleague Iliya described the way MoneyWiz calculates foreign currencies. Moreover a week ago my colleague Paweł, in the private conversation kindly asked you to send us your MoneyWiz database so we could investigate the issue thoroughly. The only thing we have received from you after a week is bad rating and no reply.

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