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Guide for former YNAB users


Just a suggestion for your guides section.  Customers looking to switch over from YNAB (like myself) might get frustrated and return to YNAB (as I have) after attempting to make MoneyWiz 2 work the way YNAB does, primarily in the Budgeting area.  If you were to create a guide written by someone on your team who understands both products on how to setup MoneyWiz 2 to work the same as (or as closely as possible)  how YNAB works, that might keep more customers.  YNAB is built on certain core principles, and when I was unable to figure out how to make MoneyWiz 2 adhere to those I gave up on it.  But I'd love to be shown I was wrong at some point.



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Hello Jesse,

Thank you for your suggestion and feedback! I'll definitely talk to our team about this and see if we can come up with something.

Don't bother with MoneyWiz for multiple currency transactions as it can' handle them.
Hi Dave, This statement is untrue. MoneyWiz supports all world currencies and can handle multi-currency transactions beautifully. Why would you think otherwise? Just enable the currencies you need via Settings/Currencies and voila!
No, it can't, I have multiple currency accounts and moneywiz can not even sync them between different devices! I use three apple devices and all three have different totals In the budget after syncing the same transactions. Not only do all devices have a different totals, all previouse foreign transaction entered are recalculated at the latest rate of exchange and not the exchange rate at the time of the initial transaction! You call this perfect accounting? I don't think so.
Dave, it is possible that you have experienced a sync bug, where a transactions may not have synced between devices... I can't tell without further investigation. One thing I do know for sure though, is that multi-currency accounts work just fine. I advise you to email our support at with more information so they can look into this and see what is causing the discrepancy. Also since you've opened another topic in our forums, let's keep it there as that other topic is dedicated to your issue, while this one is not.
I'm another immigrant from YNAB, trying out Money Wiz. A guide would be awesome, but the truth is that I never used YNAB's budgeting capabilities -- I mostly want an accurate track of my credit cards and bank account balances, and know what categories I'm spending in.

I am excited about the ability to handle multiple currencies too. I travel to Nigeria a lot and a lot of financial programs do not handle naira! Your currency list is very comprehensive.


Hi Beth, We're working on it :) I hope it will be ready in a couple of weeks.
Hello! Yes, i am a ynab user who is switching to mw2. Years ago i am using mw(1) and after mw2 comes out i was frustated about the donloads from the bank account. Then 1,5 years at Ynab. Now i found some things in mw2 that looks very good. And the idea if ynab could be transfered to mw2. The budgets could be taken as ynab. The design in mw2 is a litte be different but not so bad! You must use it.... after a time... ok! Design: it would be fine if i can see the rest of each budget in the main screen! Remember: In ynab every category has a Budget. If i compare: Budgeting -> yes Transfer money from budget to budget -> yes Income on a budget (- expense) -> yes!!!! Look at the future! -> only mw2 Outputs -> very good!!!!! (Some bugs but good) Overview -> mac yes, ios not at the first sight! Download accounts online (outside usa) -> yes!!! I live in austria and use easybank -> yes  Input speed -> ok but ynab is better Budget period free (27.6-26.7) -> YES!!!!!!!!  So this is my result of 2 weeks testing. Now i serve 2 apps mw2 and ynab. After i switch one budget month i will see what happens, but i am sure mw2 will win! And i think in 2-3 weeks (after m

Hello Heinz,

I'm happy that you were able to perform a successful transition from YNAB to MoneyWiz :-) Remember that we can always assist if you need some guidance, our e-mail is

Reviving this old thread because I am now in this transition and the budgets without goals are getting me confused ! I came to this thread looking for help and information on the subject, but not much info here !


@Iliya did mention that a guide for such migration was getting ready in a couple of weeks (thats 2 yrs ago) .. Any idea where I can find that guide if it did get ready ?? 

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