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Foreign currency transactions not working correctly in budgets.

Does anyone here use multiple currency transactions in moneywiz and if so, do you have problems with syncbits calculating different exchange rates on each device for the same transaction? I am using three devices and each time they sync every device has a different amount in the budget for the same transaction.

Hi Dave, The reason for this is that MoneyWiz downloads exchange rates every time you start it, if at least 1 hour has passed since the last time you started it. For that reason the exchange rates could be a little different on each device since you started MoneyWiz at different times... If you wait an hour and start MoneyWiz on all devices at the same time, the exchange rates will be the same as they would've downloaded at the same time. Then you won't see discrepancy like that.
How many times do I have to repeat myself with you guys, after a sync moneywiz is changing the exchange rates of already entered foreign transactions! ie: I use an ATM on say the 01-12-2015 and the rate of exchange is calculated in MYR on this date, A week later I do another ATM withdrawal in MYR and the rate of exchange is changed for the transaction I already did on 01-12-2015 and you keep telling me this is normal? You can't change an exchange rate for a trasaction that has already taken place in the past!
Yet again you have closed my ticket as solved! It is not solved, and you have a seriouse problem in your programing.
Hi Dave, Indeed MoneyWiz is not supposed to change the exchange rate of an old transaction... On what device is this happening? Also does the exchange rate change after you open the transaction for edit or it changes without you ever touching that transaction again?
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