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Conversion to Local Currency amounts

Dear Sirs, when generating reports which include multiple transaction in different currencies, and when expanding those transactions, we don't see the amounts converted to Local Currency and that is so misleading.  One alternative is to show to show the currency at lease beside the amount of the transaction (when drilled down) or the best practice is to show those amounts converted to Local Currency as per the online currency rates.  Thanks.

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Dear Pierre,

Thank you for writing to us. Can you please tell me on which device is this happening for you?

All my devices: iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, and Mac OS. Thanks

Ah, I've misunderstood your first message, apologies. I now see that you'd like MoneyWiz to display each transaction amount in a report converted to local currency. I consider this more of a feature request rather than a problem since MoneyWiz worked this way since the beginning and we never really received comments about this.

I'll move your topic to Feature Requests forum and leave it open so it can receive votes from users that agree with you. We'll look into this idea once some users back up this suggestion.

Thank you for posting in MoneyWiz forums!

I strongly recommend this feature. As I have the same problem whenever I travel overseas. When travel on a trip and use another currency in the transaction, you do not see it in transaction layout. You only see your local account currency. Which is really a problem if I want to match and find an amount of the foreign currency. Having both currencies will be very helpful to track any amount.  Thanks  

The same for me. Having support for multiple currencies without showing the reports with the converted amount to the local currency is almost useless.
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