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Budgets hierarchical just like (sub)categories

 In terms of categories, it is possible to use a hierarchical level by means of sub-categories. These transactions per sub-category are cumulatively included in the main category.
With budgets that is not possible. If you run a budget transfer to a subcategory, one can not even even the "main" category mutate.
Request: Design the budgets hierarchically, where the per capita figures category from the underlying subcategories is aggregated.

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Dear Vincent,

Thank you for your feature request! I'll leave the ticket open and we'll continue to monitor it for votes and user feedback.

Just signed up to request the same thing. I like to have one budget that simply tells me how much money I have left for the month, i.e. including all expenses except rent/bills/etc. Right now I can't do that and also have budgets for food/travel/etc.

For me, the need for this could be circumvented by simply having a "how much money is left" view, which takes the current balance and subtracts remaining scheduled transactions for an account for a month, but that's a separate feature request.

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