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Apple Watch Glances/Complications

First of all, I've had the app one evening and playing around with it on my laptop, phone and watch I can see me getting some great use out of this app in the future, so thank you!

I'd like to know if there will be support for the 'glances' feature on the Apple Watch implemented anytime in the future?  Like many Apple Watch users I don't think the app layout interface is very intuitive and I can imagine several ways this app could benefit from the glances feature.

Further down the line it would also be interesting to see this app make use of the complications feature. Having watch face access to my account balances would be very useful to people like me with a terrible track record of money management!

Thanks for reading,

Ben Brook

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Hello Ben,

Yes, we do plan to work on improving the Apple Watch app in the future :) I cannot say when we'd be able to introduce glances specifically but I've noted your feature request and we'll keep an eye on this to work on it in the future :)

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