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If app is closed, Apple Watch can't display accounts.

Hi, I really only use the watch to see account balances on the go, like debit card.

If they app is closed on the app (either closed by iOS, closed unexpectedly or if I killed the app), then MW on the watch can't open the app itself remotely. So, if I haven't used the MW app on the phone in quite a while, I have to pull the phone out of my pocket again.

Other apps like Downcast (podcast manager) can do this. I can kill the app, start the app on the watch, and Downcast can get my playlists, etc., or start playing a podcast.

Can you modify MW on the watch to be able to "wake up" MW if it's closed on the phone?


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Hello Marc,

We are working on native watchOS 2 Apple Watch app which will significantly improve its performance :) We don't have an estimated release date for the new app but we hope we can release it soon!

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