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How to assign an income against a budget category

I am fairly new to MoneyWiz having used YNAB in the past. I can't understand how to assign income to a budget category. For example I received a cheque and I want to allocate different amount of that cheque to budget categories. The list of income categories doesn't match the expense categories. 

Envelope budgeting is important to me, but I cannot see how this would work in MoneyWiz.

Dear Keith,
if I understood your inquiry correctly, you are looking for a feature which is not there yet.
Check out the following thread and spread your desire to have this implemented... hopefully it will be there soon then:




The feature isn't there as yet. Please voice your opinion on this feature on the thread posted by Chris. The more responses that thread has, the faster this feature will be implemented (hopefully!). 

It is a key feature really, or it s to ex ynab folk. We are used to savings being cash that is available to budget so in ynab our saving are allocated specific jobs (every dollar a job).

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You have to remember these are expense budgets only. They work on the assumption you have allocated a specific level expenditure each period. A work round is I've used is set the budget to 0.01c. Turn your income (cheque received) into a refund against a dummy expense, with a expense category called eg 'income' I use the profit and loss report now, as it gives me the flexibility of category choice.

Would be nice to have this feature in MoneyWiz 2

Not being able to add an income into my budget when I get a refund of sorts, defeats the purpose of my budget. I can't find any workaround at all.

Dear Tom,

If your original expense reduced the budget allowance, refunding the expense (using our refunds feature: would replenish the budget allowance by the refunded amount.

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