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Savings Account an Categories

I am hoping to move across from ynab. I have a savings account where the savings are split out into various categories (boat, hols, car etc). In ynab I have those categories in a group and the total of the group reflects the total of the savings account. Is it possible to link savings to categories in Moneywiz? Or is there another/better way of achieving what I want?




We have a feature in mind that would do this - we call it "Goals" for now and it'd be basically a budget for incomes. Sadly, we don't have an estimated release date for this feature at the moment.

In MoneyWiz, categories can't hold money like they can in YNAB. Only accounts or budgets (which are build from categories) can hold money. I think what you could try is to create a couple of saving accounts in MoneyWiz (that would only exist in MoneyWiz) and transfer a certain amount of money from your real accounts to those virtual saving accounts (i.e. "Boat" account) to hold some sum of money for that purpose.

Thanks for that and pleased to hear Goals is coming. The solution you suggest is one I have considered but it will make the reconciliation of the savings account difficult as there will not be a single ledger to rec. That may not be a huge issue for some but my savings account is quite active.

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