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Startup screen

I would be nice to have the option of selecting a Startup screen of own choice....for example to let the app start up with the Dashboard...instead of having the menu drawer activated (open) every time you open the app

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Thank you for your feature request! I've noted it down and will leave the ticket open for more votes to come.

That's obvious that it's necessary. On the start up it's annoying click 2 times to get my page. It should be possible to select if i want to start with dashbord, accounts, etc...


On a side note, if you close the app to the tray (multi-tasking), and then open it again you will be moved to the place were you last left. For example, if last time you were using reports section, then you closed the app (closed to tray, i.e. by clicking on a home button), and then open it again, you will start again with Reports section. Same applies to any other section you've been visiting last.

Maybe in the meantime this will be useful to some of you.


 But if i close the app, when she starts appears always the left side menu! Perhaps you can create a small + button to click and appear that menu!

Which menu for example you would like to start with please?


When i insert the PIN i want to go to a specific account the cash account with no popup menu. Insert PIN --> go to a specific account.


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