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Ability to drag and drop attachments while in the transaction view

When you're in the transaction list it would be could to be able to drag and drop an image directly onto a transaction. I know you can open the transaction and drag and drop onto there, but when you're doing this 50 times over (if you only file receipts once or twice a month like I do) then this would be a real time saver.

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Dear Angus,

Thank you for your feature request! I'll note and pass it to our team for further discussion :)

I like this idea but how do you attach copies of receipts when using the iPad version? I see it being very useful to have a copy of a warranty or invoice attached to the transactions.
Found it !!!! and using it for my important purchases.

Just FYI, I was talking about the Mac version. I realise it's not really possible with the current split screen implementation in iOS 9

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