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Review text size and style or allow customization

Text is really inconsistent across the app at least in high resolution devices (which I guess are just normal these days). I've used MoneyWiz on my rMBP, Nexus 9 and Nexus 5 and it just doesn't look "right" in any of those. I find the text in the dashboard particularly troublesome especially when compared to what we see in the left drawer. Text is really small and cluttered and we can't control the size of widgets so I end up with a lot of white space in some of them and a scroll on others. Settings view doesn't look very appealing either, especially when you go to one of the settings and you get small blue text. Personally I'd rather have some control over colors and font size as the purple + orange doesn't really play well with the blue we have in headers and I'd rather go with a simpler more uniform look and feel.
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Dear Nelson,

I've noted your feature request regarding the font adjustments! However, if you believe that something is nothing less than a bug, please point us to it and we'll see about fixing it!

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