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Family budget

For the purpose of a family budget, it would make sense that transactions are "linked" to a particular budget.

My wife and I have a daughter, we'd like to make a separate budget for our daughter so that we can distinguish between expenses made for us and for her. For instance clothes.

Now we can do a budget with categories/account but either I or my wife will buy clothes for our daughter, so it will be paid from either accounts. It will fall into a clothes categories. Now obviously we also buy clothes for us, so the budget can't be done for our daughter because it will duplicate entries. A way to do that is to create categories just for her, but 1) If I'd like to know how much clothes we buy in a year it becomes cumbersome 2) What happens if we have a second child.

It was suggested to use the payee information, but I'd disagree with that: I am also interested to know what we pay for a given payee.

So I'd see 2 options to achieve this:

- Either we have an optional field in each transaction that indicate for which family member the transaction is for

- Or we can optionally attach a transaction to a budget with the logic: if a transaction is not attached, then it is selected against the budget it is filtered for through the categories/accounts setting of the budget; if a transaction is attached to one (or multiple) budget then it ignores the categories/accounts set for the budget

I tend to think that the second option is more flexible than the first, but I guess that's up to you to decide what's best.



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Hi Chris,

For this we will implement Tags feature. You will be able to tag particular transactions. For example you select Clothes category but you create a tag for example [D] or Daughter. Then you will be able to generate reports based on selected Tags.


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Thanks that should do it nicely. When will this come out please?
Hi Christian,

Tags feature planned for 2.4 update.


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