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Improve PDF file size

The compression used in pdf export is horrible and the 3 qualities listed (Good, better, best) gives all the same results of file size, hence NOT WORKING. A small pdf report of 6 lines are having a size of 2.79 Mb....totally unnecessary. Other apps which has pdf export manage to make an similar pdf file on 900kb to 1.5 Mb.

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Hi Julio,

As we discussed with you later that day, we already reported this to our development, and in one of the future updates will fix it :)


Thanks a lot for fixing this issue..... Maybe you should changed the status from "In progress" to "implemented" ;-)

You are welcome Julio,

Changed the status :)

Dear Volodymyr Hopefully you also know that your FIX done 8 months ago was REVERSED back to the huge filesize problem. And i am back to the same "old" problem and with the same promises that it will be implemented/corrected in a future release.....they said that 6 releases ago!!!
Maybe the status should be changed back to IN PROGRESS again, since it was REVERSED back again???


Apologies, the fix was indeed applied but it was causing issues in other parts of the application so we had to revert it. We are hoping to find a more stable solution soon.

I guess there is NO NEWS in this case?????
Hi Julio,

There is. We are making test with other fonts, however they all fail to render all languages correctly (for example Cyrillic languages).

As you remember at some point PDF exports used to be smaller, this is because we used smaller fonts. However we had to revert that fix back, because they didn't draw the characters correctly. So the work on this is still In Progress.


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