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Loan payments

I have read up and down the instructions but find no answer for this: I have set up an loan account and want my payments to happen MANUALLY not to been withdrawn from my mainaccount automaticly. How can I do this?? Example of my problem; I do my payments in cash and normally day or two BEFORE due date. But when I do my payments and register them in Moneywiz, they also get withdrawn from my main account on due date...hence...double payments.
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Hi Julio,

In order to avoid double payments, in this case, when creating a Loan account, inside of the Payment Plan in the field "Account used to pay Loan" you need to select a Cash account. In this case the payment will be withdrawn from a Cash account instead of Main.

If you don't want the payments to be registered automatically, you need to go to Scheduled section and edit the scheduled loan payment. Inside its settings you need to toggle off the "auto-pay" option. This way you will be notified about upcoming loan payment, but the payment itself won't be automatically paid until you confirm so. Let us know, if you still need any assistance with this.


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