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Transaction Type

 It should be great as other apps this field appears available. Here i can select the type of transaction: ATM, Money, TRF, VISA, Master Card, Check...

You can do this with the help of Memo field. Go to Settings -> transactions layout and enable Memo from there.

Moreover when creating an ATM withdrawal transaction, which is obviously a transfer from Card account to Cash account, MoneyWiz already automatically prefills the Description field with description, something like ATM Withdrawal, so you immediately can see what type of transaction that is. This will only apply if you create correct types of accounts, i.e. Cash type, Credit Type, Checking type etc....Because if you are going to make a transfer between Checking type and Checking or Credit types of accounts, in the Description of a transaction, it will pre-fill "Transfer between Checking and Credit", etc...


No that's not correct! Here on Portugal i can use MBnet that's it's a virtual credit card that only uses my cash account so if i made a payment with that virtual card (that changes overtime the amount i want) thats not directly possible to insert, or if someone gives me money and i deposit on my account i want to put Money on transaction type. Even if i make a transfer to another account (not mine) i want to classify as TRF so it's easier to found anything!


Hi Leonardo,

I'm sorry, what exactly is not correct? You have all needed tools to process and classify your transactions. Actually what might help in this case, is Tags functionality, which we are going to implement in 2.4-2.5 update or so.. You will be able to tag your special transactions, and then generate reports based on these tags. I think this should work for you.


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That's not correct because as i already said i can have a fictitious credit card made by Mbnet that's different of my VISA or Master cards, so i can't create a credit card because on every use i create a new one so i have a MBnet (credit card) on my cash account...
But, with tags i can customize the transaction so will be fine!


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