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iPhone Payee entry slow

Has anyone else experienced long delays when entering a Payee field in an iPhone or iPad transaction? We videotaped this and sent it in to support but apparently this has not been reported before. Support wants us to release our entire financial database to them for troubleshooting, but we are concerned that this violates our privacy and are seeking another workaround for them to see and repair this problem.


(12.4 MB)


We are going to address various performance issues in the upcoming 2.3.1 update.


Our iPhone and iPad payee field is still painfully slow in any transaction entry after the latest Apple app store update. Any suggestions? 

James Li

We have released new update 2.3.3. Are you referring about the slowness in this new version? Could you please be so kind to check what it is?


Volodymyr, Our iPhone version is 2.3.2. No option for 2.3.3 is available yet on the App Store. Does this upgrade specifically deal with the slow payee entry on iPhones that I demonstrated on the attached video?
Just upgraded to 2.3.3 as it went live on App Store. Unfortunately, no change in problem. My original video is still relevant to this issue. Any help appreciated. Is no one else seeing this delay in Payee entry?
Hi James,

Could you please tell us what is the iOS version and iPhone model (looks like iPhone 5m but is it 5, 5s or 5c)?

Could you please also submit a ticket to as we would like to investigate this deeper along with your database (as we don't reproduce such issue, nor with our test databases or even real DB).


We have multiple Apple devices including two iPhone 6, one iPhone 4S, one iPad 2 gen, and two iPad 3 gen. They are running iOS 9.0.2 though the problem has persisted through all of our iOS upgrades, including several versions of iOS 8 and 9 and has been an issue I first requested a fix for over a year ago. I was first reassured that the issue would be dealt with in an upcoming app upgrade and later was told I would need to turn over my entire financial database to the support team. This idea would be a last resort for us because we do not like the idea of turning over our finances without some guarantee of privacy.

IMPORTANT: To repeat, when we are entering new transactions in ANY of these devices and get to the Payee section, the keystrokes are delayed by about 5-10 seconds while MoneyWiz attempts to access the saved Payee list and match the keystrokes against the existing list of Payees. This happens whether or not we have internet access turned on, leading me to believe that MW is put into an error loop of some kind or that the program itself is unable to handle large Payee databases (ours is well over a thousand entries). 

If you want to see what this looks like in real-time, go to the support topic “iPhone Payee entry slow” and watch the video I made of this issue. 

Thanks for your consideration. ANY help is much appreciated.


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