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Net worth report

Hi, Moneywiz includes net worth report and includes data from every day so there are a lot of those, I say 'steps' to them because every transaction you do is practically visible there and that bothers me. There is just too much information.

What I would like to see is to add breakdowns by months etc., like it is for cashflow reports, in net worth report. You would be able to see how much money you had at the end of the month. In this case it would be better that area under line would not been coloured and would be just line graph.

My previous finance app had such display of net worth and I really miss it here. And it gives you that Stocks feel. :)

Please consider my proposal. Thanks!

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Hello there,

I've noted your request and we'll discuss this with our design team but at the moment I can't promise anything :) The Net Worth report remained largely unchanged for a couple of years now, we wouldn't want to make many customers angry by changing it.

I didn't say to change it. I just think there could be more options for net worth report as in other report sections and that would mean if somebody doesn't want it, he can ignore those options and everything stays the way he wants. Hopefully we find a solution for this :)

I agree with SSMatejSS. I miss it to and I wish there were more options for the net worth report. Breakdowns per month would be perfekt for me.  

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