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Budget and Forecast & more

Hi, thanks for this amazing app!. Finally i've found a great alternative to anmoney, my last and only financial app, but sadly without updates since 2 years. My questions is: 1) It's possible to add budget amounts on forecasts and statistics? That's can be very usefull for calibrate the budgets. 2) Many people are talking in this forum about material design. I guess they are talking about a graphic more clean and less schematic. As example the buttons + - in a slide menu. Why don't make a round buttons in dashboard for add datas? Just an idea. 3) Widgets on dashboard..Many apps today show graphics like statistics, expense, etc.. Moneywiz look a bit "static" in that, why don't add some animations or graphics datas? Just a suggest. . Anyway thanks a lot for great app.

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Hi Franseco,

Thank you for your kind feedback :)

About your suggestions and questions:

1. This is not yet possible, however we are going allow Budgets with rollover to forecast your Budgeted amounts.

2. I think there will be no more design changes in MoneyWiz 2, but there will be in MoneyWiz 3.

3. This is also in our to-do list for Widgets, but for future versions of MoneyWiz. We are going to add more widgets, add graphs to them, reports etc.. So there is plenty of room in improving this area :)

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Hi Volodymyr, 

First of all congrats for an excellent app; I've been using it since 2012 and as time goes by, I've become happier to use it. I'm especially excited with all the new features that are announced in your roadmap (investment accounts for instance) and having noticed that bank accounts syncing has been revised and that you can now log in on the iphone app using Touch-Id. I'll give bank syncing a second try; the first time that I used it I didn't like that you had to log each time to the bank and it wasn't very stable at least with my bank. 

Regarding your answer, I'm particularly interested on point 1. Does this mean that you'll be able to make a forecast with the profit and losses report using established budgets? I think that this would be great. Currently I think that this forecasting can only be done with scheduled transactions, so as I can't schedule most of my future expenses, I do my "budget calibration" on a spreadsheet. Also if I've understood your point well, I'd like to suggest to make this possible for all the budgets and not only for rollover budgets (perhaps individual budgets could be activated or deactivated for forecasting).

Apart from this I think that it would be great to be able to deactivate accounts and transaction categories. This would allow for accounts and categories that will no longer be used to be set apart without erasing any of the data on them. I think that deactivated categories and accounts shouldn't show up on the accounts list or when adding an expense/income. 

Thank you very much, 


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