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MoneyWiz [Windows] Convert to Refund window is limited to search in 3 months in the past

So I just buy my Windows copy today, and I am more or less satisfied with my purchase. I see a few bugs and I want just to report them, I think this is the right place.

For this one, I want to report that you limited to search no more than 3 months old transactions to link and mark as a refund. If this is Work As Design then something is not right with the Windows version, since in iOS I can perfectly search and link the refund, I can see all my transactions no matter the the time.

I hope this get fix soon.

Hello Gustavo,

Thank you! I've noted this and forwarded to our team for further investigation!

When we got MW 2 the iPad version lost this search function. At the time I raised a ticket and was told you will look into it. Now I see that it's a function of the Windows version, I found this very disturbing.
(183 KB)


We've brought that search box back into this functionality but it seems that for some reason it's missing. I'll have this checked by our team!

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