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Erase old data from SyncBits

I have old data from version 1.x loaded on SyncBits. How can I erase all the data from SyncBits and start from scratch? I tried and all I can do is reset the password.

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Dear Dario,

You need to e-mail us at from your SYNCbits e-mail so we can carry out this procedure for you :)

So isn't possible to a user see and erase their data?



You can delete the data manually using the application (if you delete all accounts, all transactions will be deleted, etc).

But if you want to erase the data completely so that nothing is left, you need to contact us at the moment.

Pawel please explain me, if i delete my account, my translations will be deleted so what data remains?



If you delete an account, all transactions in that account as well as any transfers from or to this account are deleted (and transfers are always deleted from both accounts).

The data that's left includes:

- payees

- categories

- used descriptions

- enabled currencies

- links between payees, categories and descriptions

- other configuration and settings data

But that includes some sensitive data such the payees. Should exist an option to ERASE ALL DATA....



As I've said, you can e-mail us and we'll purge your account completely. A dedicated option inside the application is not yet available but it is on our to-do list.

Ok. By security reasons that should be a user alone option.

So my account it's not blocked to external people right? If only external persons can access to my personal data on cloud and erase them....

Your account, as everyone's else is blocked to external people by your password. This works the same for almost every service on the internet, except some banks, e-mail clients and few other services which requite 2 step authentication - one with password, and one with code from SMS or special security dongle devices which generate random codes once in a while

So if only someone knows which exact e-mail and password you are using for your SYNCbits, he/she can access your account by signing with it into MoneyWiz.

So how can you access to my data to erase them i don't?
Hi Leandro,

We have access to our SYNCbits server. We can simply delete your whole account with its data from SYNCbits server without a need to access the account itself and that's it.


Ok. You have access to all independent user data from the SYNCbits but you can't open it....
Hi Leandro,

That is correct. Without a password we cannot open an account and see what data is inside. Data is encrypted with your password. And unless a user provides us with the password for SYNCbits account, we cannot decrypt his data.


I hope this is more clear now :)


I tried out Moneywiz 2 a couple of years ago and discontinued using it.  Recently I have paid a subscription for Moneywiz Premium as I intend to use it.  I installed on my desktop Mac computer and uploaded data from banks, etc, got the balances right, etc.  Then I thought I would sync it with my iPhone and iPad.  Unfortunately Syncbits decided the old data for 2015 was the date to use and I don't know how to rectify it.  I cannot see how to erase the earlier data.

Please can you help?


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