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Problems schedule payments

I'm having trouble clicking on "schedule" in my program for windows.

Always, when you click, the program error and closes alone. He is up to date and have tried reinstalling but the error persists.

Thanks and' sorry for my bad english :(

Hello there!

No worries about English! But can you please tell me in more detail where do you click when MoneyWiz crashes?

Hello Pawel

Whenever I click on "schedule" in order to schedule a payment or check my schedules the program hangs and then closes.


I'm sorry for my late reply. Can you please tell me if updating to 2.0.10 (newest version) fixed this?


I'm sorry for my late reply too hahaha.But the update didn't solve the problem.



Please e-mail us copying the crash log that you see in this window on screenshot.

Thank you in advance!

Hi again

Sorry for my late reply;

I still have the same problem, but now the program closes alone when I'm in any area, not just the schedules. I can not work because when you least expect it it closes and although some features do not load fully into the program such as the date filter, it does not always appear at the top of the page, sometimes I have to close and open the program again so that it fully charge.

Thanks !!!


If the app crashes and you see the button "report or details" please press it and send us the content of the crash.

we would be grateful if you make the video of your steps to show how not all features are loaded and send us by e-mail.

Hi Marina!!,

 Sorry for the late reply again :)

Well, I finally got sended by email the video with the content of the crash and the other problems !!

Very Thanks!!!!

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