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App is not starting on Windows 10

Hi ;)

since the last update today MoneyWiz isn't able to start. If I click on the icon in the startmenu the only thing, which is happening ist, that the explorer.exe process crashes and needs to be restarted. Would be nice if you can help please.

Hello there,

Sorry to hear that! Do you have a SYNCbits account and is your data safe on some other device? If yes, we could try reinstalling MoneyWiz for Windows but make sure you have a copy of your data before you do.

To perform a full reinstall of MoneyWiz 2 on Windows please follow these steps:

1. Close MoneyWiz and go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, find MoneyWiz there in the list and Remove it. Please note, that by re-installing MoneyWiz all the PDF and image attachments will be deleted as we don't sync those for now.
2. After you delete press key combinations Win() + R on your keyboard to execute Run window
3. Inside the window that will appear type exactly: %appdata% and hit Enter
4. You will be directed to AppData -> Roaming folder. On your keyboard tap the Backspace button to go back to folder AppData
5. From there go to Local folder -> and delete SilverWiz folder that you will find in there.
6. Restart your Windows and install MoneyWiz again.

How does it look like after signing back in?

I came to the point while launching the setup, that I can go to an earlier state of the application, so I've chosen this option and it works again. Don't know, why the update is causing this issue, but I think I will skip the updates for a few time, because I need this application for managing my money.

Hi there,

just bought MoneyWiz 2 for Windows. I am on Windows 10.

Unfortunately I cannot start the app with the same result as the first post. I could install it but I have never seen any part of the app yet.



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