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Edit Scheduled Transaction When Paying - Original remains on the 'Scheduled' list

On Windows & Android versions of Moneywiz 2 I've noticed that if I edit a scheduled transaction whilst paying it, the original transaction remains on the 'Scheduled' list, which causes confusion as I'm then not sure whether or not it is paid.

Is this a feature or can it be stopped?


HI Mike,

If Scheduled transaction is recurrent (i.e. set to recur once a week, month, year, etc), it will not disappear from Scheduled section, but it should change the date in its Description and it will be repositioned to the next recurrence date. For example if you created a scheduled transaction on 20th of April to repeat once a month, and you paid it, then the date on this transaction will be changed to 20th of May. In case you have other transactions scheduled between 20th April and 20th May, this transaction will be repositioned and will take place after transaction closest to 20th of May.

I hope the explanation was clear :)


Hi Volodymyr,

Understand that functionality would be normal when editing and paying a transaction. What actually happens though is that the original of the edited and paid transaction often (but doesn't seem to be always) remains in the scheduled list. This affects recurring and one-off transactions.

For example, if I had a scheduled payment of £20 to be paid on 26/04/16 and, at the same time as paying it, I edit the value or date, the original £20 on 26/04 remains in the list.

It's been doing this for a while and wasn't too much of a problem but now that I use Moneywiz for all accounts it's become very messy and can't quite have confidence in the figures being presented.

Hi Mike,

This is interesting. Would it be possible to send us some screen shots that reproduce the issue or record a short video? You said it doesn't happen all the time. Did you notice any pattern? For example I couldn't currently reproduce this behavior on our side.


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