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Investment accounts


You have launched the App for Windows, but we are still expecting the investment accounts in Mac, any date?


All what you say is correct.  To my judgment is that not is can promise a date (have been several) of launch of a given product and does not meet. gives very bad image. Best to announce that is going to make an improvement without putting any date, that way is not induced to frustrations. I hope that I understood that my level of English is very limited.

Hello everyone,

Every company has limited resources and every company has different priorities. Our priority for the last couple of years was to make MoneyWiz easy to use and available on all platforms with great syncing. It's easy to take it for granted now that MoneyWiz does all that but developing great software takes time.

Our priorities and attention have changed now and it's the 2.6 big update with many improvements and features - including Investment Accounts. We've been working on this for some time now and while I understand that we've been delaying the feature, please understand that we want to do this right - and this takes time.

The Investment accounts feature is coming to MoneyWiz 2.6 update. We are already working on the interface for the account creation process. We don't have an estimated release date because it's very difficult to predict something like this.


I've been waiting for Investment accounts since they were first committed for MW1. Every Quarter you kick the can down the road, a month, a quarter, 6 months etc. It's now been years. I like MW, because of the Sync between MacOS an iOS devices, and the budgeting is so much easier than other programs. MW is second to none in these two areas. I started using MW2 in parallel with Banktivity, because you were promising Investment Accounts. And when you add this major missing feature to the sloppy way MW handles categories with downloaded transactions (MW never matches the categories, and I have to change almost every transaction. It doesn't learn!), I am now spending about twice as much time updating MW downloads as I am on Banktivity. So after years of running two systems in parallel, I am seriously considering throwing in the towel. I seriously doubt you will ever have Investment Accounts. It's just been too long, too many delays.

I don't like Banktivity, but it is functional, it has Investment Accounts, and it does sync with iOS, just not well. I think the latest commitment for Investment accounts is end of February 2017. So I'll wait until then, but I have little hope remaining that it will ever be available.

I am disappointed. 

it doesn't look that "high" on your list.... 


We are committed towards introducing the investment accounts support but due to unforeseen issues we're slightly delayed. It is still high on our to-do list.

Hello Pawel, now that summer is over, is there any chance to get a forecast? I'm planning to migrate to a different platform than MoneyWiz because of this, and keep saying that it will be available and then not happening, is a bit frustrating.... it would be nice to have a commitment from you...


Hello there,

It very much depends on the Windows release as well and its development as now any feature will have effect on multiple platforms. We are aiming for a summer update when it comes to this feature - of course we'll work to release it as soon as we can!

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